Investment Criteria

Here's how we evaluate opportunities:

  • Growth Prospects – both for the business itself and its industry; we like rising tides
  • Profitability – because high margins typically mean differentiated services
  • Industry Fragmentation – the less consolidated, the better
  • Barriers to Entry – to keep competitors at bay and protect our relationships
  • Simplicity of Business – because we aren't rocket scientists on this end
  • Mitigants to Macro Risks – because even the best businesses suffer shocks

While we don't expect businesses to meet all of these criteria, we like businesses that possess at least most of these objectives. And management teams that can explain how.

Prospective acquisition candidates should possess the following:

  • History of growth and profitability with EBITDA greater than $2mm
  • Differentiated service offering and unique value proposition to customers
  • Strong management team and disciplined culture
  • Owners willing to assist during transition period